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Pigmentum is an Israeli agro-tech company established in 2018. The company brings a proprietary innovative solution for the efficient and accurate production of natural organic compounds. 

The technology relies on a plant genetics’ inducible mechanism allowing improved production scales& specifications of desired metabolites for the food, pharma and cosmetic industries, leading to organic waste reduction, higher extraction efficiency, and reduced growing resources (energy, water, pesticides, fertilizers etc.)

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Natural compounds

Our technology enables the effective natural production of specifically desired metabolites for the food, pharma, and cosmetic industries, such as pigments, flavor & aroma molecules, including unstable, volatile & cytotoxic compounds; proteins and more.



Pigmentium platform technology is utilizing genetic and molecular tools to create plants, that based on Pigmentum’s patent protected mechanism, start desired metabolites production under different inductions.
The induction, given at a specific chosen time "instructs" the plant to turn most of its biochemical resources to the production of a selected molecule.
Only the cells/tissues that meet the external induction would start to express the metabolites production cascade allowing an optimized growing process of the plants to their highest growing yields, before driving the metabolites production.
This triggers an extremely high yield of natural organic compounds, improving efficiency, and dramatically reducing costs.


  • X10 Higher production scales of natural compounds compared to existing natural sources leading to reduced costs
  • Optimal growth conditions of the plants – reaching full growth Reduced environmental pollution.
  • Sustainable solution, reducing the need for cultivation land, energy, Water, fertilizers and pesticides as well as human resources
  • Enables the natural production of unstable, volatile & cytotoxic compounds