Our Vision

Sustainable and Accessible Organic Compounds for a Healthier World

Pigmentum is an Israeli agro-tech company established in 2018. Tal Lutzky (CEO) and Amir Tiroler (CTO) just completed their agronomy studies in Robert H. Smith School of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s (Rehovot campus), when they came up with the concept of an inducible mechanism in transgenic plants. With the support of Prof. Alexander (Sasha) Vainstein, a world expert in plants genomics, they developed the company’s proprietary technology.

While originally designated for drawing unlimited patterns for personalizing decorative live plants, they soon realized the full potential of their development, for high scale production of natural compound for the food, pharma and cosmetic industries.

Now a Fresh Start FoodTech incubator portfolio company, Pigmentum established their operation in Kiryat Shmona as part of the thriving Northern FoodTech ecosystem.

The Team

Tal Lutzky

Co-Founder & CEO.

Tal’s background is an Agronomist. He has vast experienced with ornamental plants growing and agriculture research.

Amir Tiroler

Co-Founder & COO. Agronomist.

Amir’s background is an Agronomist.

M.Sc. Characterization of substances with therapeutic activity from Cannabis sativa.

Prof. Alexander Vainstein

 Co-Founder & Advisor.

A world Leader in the field of genetic engineering in plants with specializing in the ID of novel aroma genes, metabolic engineering of plants & yeast and genome modification & genetic engineering in plants

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