Pigmentum is developing a proprietary and patent-protected molecular technology platform which can turn indoor or outdoor grown crops into efficient producers of high-value compounds at a fraction of the cost incurred by the current fermentation-based industrial production plants.

We use our technology to quickly produce ultra-high concentrations of a target compound in plants by triggering a unique hyper-expression cascade mechanism with an external signal. The high production efficiency of our process is further enhanced because the gene which encodes the compound is fully silent before we deploy the inductive signal – allowing the plant to grow normally and reach its full productive capacity before it is called upon to produce the target compound.

Our technology can be harnessed to produce a very wide range of compound types including proteins, proteases, alkaloids, terpenes and more. Because we use an inducible mechanism, we can also efficiently and easily produce cyto-toxic, volatile and unstable molecules which would normally be produced with great difficulty and cost.

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